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Many of us have experienced lack of energy. I was one of them. My day was over by 8 pm. and after that I couldn't make myself do any more of my chores.

A friend of mine told me how GNLD had changed her life so we decided to give GNLD supplements a try. Soon I realized that I had more energy and could work during those night hours.

There were also other changes taking place. I no longer had to take my heart medication, after starting the heart program and Aloe Vera juice helped me not to be so stressed out during busy times. Through the winter months when people were sick for weeks with the flu, our family had only slight colds because of Carotenoid Complex (for adults) and Vita-Gard (for children). After a few weeks on Flavonoid, Bruce went to the Optometrist and found out that his eye pressure lowered. The Optometrist gave his word that nothing was wrong with his instruments. I discovered that the GNLD Calcium helped me get out of bed without experiencing pain.

Meanwhile we grew in our admiration for GNLD as a company. While other companies touted one miracle cure after the other the GNLD scientists devoted their time in research in order to produce the VERY BEST SUPPLEMENTS ON THE MARKET. GNLD has taken the expression "natural products" to a higher level by only using ingredients from the human food chain for ultimate nutrient absorption. In addition the GNLD scientists make sure that they produce each supplement as it occurs in nature; family units including each component.

These successful GNLD scientists are among the top scientists in the world. They represent GNLD in scientific conferences throughout the world and are often invited to speak. Many of these conferences are sponsored by GNLD. GNLD scientists have had many breakthroughs since 1958, when the company was founded. Time after time GNLD scientists have been published in peer reviewed magazines. The USDA used GNLD products for their immune studies because of the purity of those products. The results were without exception in favor of the GNLD supplements. GNLD scientists were invited to present studies among others to the New York Academy of Science. Very few have had such a privilege. GNLD also sponsors the Arthur Furst lecture series at Stanford University, which teaches medical students about nutrition.

Needless to say my husband and I are very impressed by GNLD and eventually we decided to start our own business. In addition to helping people finding reliable supplements that give results we have a chance to realize our dreams such as helping our boys to stand on their own two feet, when they are ready to branch out on their own one day. We would love to be in a situation where we can give to people in need as well as enjoy travel.

Our ultimate desire is to glorify God through our business. He is the Creator of all things. Nothing has been made without Him. (John 1:3)
We wish you Good Health and the Very Best in Life.

Bruce and Marianne Rethwisch
Independent Distributors

Tel.:888-RenewdU, 888-736-3938, 760-753-1511


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